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Category. Statistic.
Launch vehicle. Spacebus 100, who ultimatly went up on a Ariane 3 rocket.
Launch date. 8 February 1985, 23:22:00 UTC.
Launch site. Kourou ELA-1.
Ceased operations. ~8 February 1992.
Owner(s). Arabsat.
Major contractor(s).  Aérospatiale.
Is it still in orbit. Unknown. It had a solar panel extension malfunction and some other later failures, so it was only used as a backup status once the next satellite was launched until it was abandoned completely in late 1991.
Launch mass. 1,170 kilograms (2,580 lb).
Nationality(s). Saudi Arabia.
Satellite type. Communications satellite.
Links., and

It has been replaced by several subsequent new Arabsat satellites over the years.

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