Location European nation states.svg


Flag of Finland

The Finnish flag.

Flag of Sweden

the Swedish flag.

Flag of the United Kingdom

The British flag.

Flag of France

The French Flag.

Flag of Denmark

The Danish Flag.

Flag of East Germany

The East German flag.

Flag of Poland (1928-1980)

The Communist Polish flag.

Nominal GDP per head for 1965

The Nominal GDP per head for the year 1965.

  1. EBU
  2. ESA
  3. GDR
  4. FRG
  5. NATO
  6. EBU
  7. EU
  8. Finland
  9. Ariel 1
  10. Poland
  11. Hungary
  12. USSR
  13. Yugoslavia
  14. European Union
  15. Euronews
  16. Eurosceptics
  17. Operation Square Leg (1980) and Exercise Hard Rock (1982)
  18. Germany's Fulda Gap
  19. Swedish pseudo-neutrality
  20. Seven days to the River Rhine (1979)
  21. French nuclear plans and the Force de Dissuasion
  22. Greece, Turkey and southern Italy
  23. The Swiss National Redoubt (1880-2010)
  24. North German Plain
  25. Operation Northern Norway
  26. The southern Danube route
  27. Soviet/NATO invasion of Finland
  28. Tushino Airfield
  29. Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)
  30. Northern Army Group (NORTHAG)
  31. Joint Operations Center Maastricht (JOC Maastricht)
  32. Static War Headquarters Castlegate in Linnich, Germany
  33. British Army of the Rhine (BAOR)
  34. Berlin Tempelhof Airport
  35. Operation Gladio
  36. Berlin airlift
  37. Berlin Wall
  38. Threat construction
  39. Checkpoint Charlie
  40. It's those 2 people again
  41. The week of war policy
  42. European Economic Community
  43. Atomic Weapons Establishment near Aldermaston
  44. Marshall Plan
  45. Exercise Reforger
  46. Warsaw Pact
  47. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  48. Czechoslovakia
  49. A prayer for Europe
  50. Czechoslovak coup d'état of 1948
  51. Operation Behemoth
  52. British Army of the Rhine (BAOR)
  53. Greek Civil War of 1946–1949
  54. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  55. Eastern Bloc
  57. Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie
  58. The anti-communist "Revolutions of 1989"
  59. U.S. Army Field Manual 30-31B
  60. Italy's Years of Lead
  61. Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe
  62. Berlin Crisis of 1961
  63. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
  64. Euronews
  65. European Union
  66. Poland
  67. "Poland is 'toast'!"
  68. GIUK gap
  69. Soviet/NATO invasion of Finland
  70. Soviet invasion of Denmark
  71. Soviet "Era of Stagnation"
  72. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

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