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Doping was a major sorting problem between the mid 1960's and mid 2000s. East Germans were naturally physical inadequates and in ill health so the GDR covertly doped them with testosterone on a systamatic basis to increse there sporting prowess. The USA, USSR and FRG also had similar doping policies, but on a smaller scale than E. Germany's one. Both China, Mongolia, Czechoslovakia and Cuba also officially cheated on occasion with testosterone and amphetamines at this time as well.

Whist this was happening a few glory seeking individuals also did it on an unofficial basis for The USA, USSR, China, FRG, France, Mongolia, UK, Ireland, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Australia, S. Africa, Albania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Spain, Iceland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Peru and Cuba.

The personEdit

Andreas Krieger (born as Heidi Krieger on 20 July 1966) is a German former shot putter, who competed on the women's East German athletics team at SC Dynamo Berlin. She reached the pinnacle of her career at the European Championships in Stuttgart in 1986, winning gold with a putt of 21.10 metres. She retired in 1990 due to ill health became a trans-man in 1997 in order to sort out her dope induced gender crisis.

Sports dopinig after the Cold WarEdit

The 2015-2016 aligationsEdit

Russia, the UK, Morocco, Turkey, Ukrainian, India, Australia, Tanzania, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, S. Africa, France, Germany, Ireland, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Thailand, China, Kenya and Ethiopia have all been queried. Russian, Turkey, Kenyan and Ethiopian case formal chastised over it.

The 2013 doping cases listEdit

  • 1st Russia 225
  • 2nd Turkey 188
  • 3rd France 108
  • 4th India 95
  • 5th Belgium 94
  • 6th Italy 83
  • 7th Spain 67
  • 8th Poland 55
  • 9th Kazakhstan 47
  • 10th South Africa 46
  • 24th United Kingdom 23

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