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IAI Kfir.
Category. Statistic.
First flown. June 1973.
Retired on. No.
Major contractor(s)  Israel Aircraft Industries.
Dose it use nukes or cruse missiles. No.
Flight ceiling  17,680 m (58,000 ft).
Top speed. 2,440 km/h (2 Mach, 1,317 knots, 1,516 mph) above 11,000 m (36,000 ft).
Range Classified as top secret.
Crew 1.
Nationality(s). Isralie.
Class. Multi-role fighter-bomber.
Rate of climb 233 m/s (45,950 ft/min)

It is based on a modified Dassault Mirage 5 airframe, with Israeli avionics and an Israeli-built version of the General Electric J79 turbojet engine.


United States Navy F-21A Kfir 'Adversary' jet.

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