Incirlik Air Base.
Category Statistic.
Location. Turkey.
Opened in. 1955 (it was biult in 1951).
Closed in. Still open.
Operated by. USAF.
Owned by. USAF.
Outside link, and
Incirlik Air Base overhead 1987

An aerial view of the airfield at Incirlik Air Base, circa 1987. An aerial view of the airfield at Incirlik Air Base, one of two bases to which the 401st Tactical Fighter Wing deploys its forces during a time of conflict.

Incirlik Recon

A Cold War composite recon track requiring the use of two missions.

Several Lockheed U-2 air plane reconnaissance missions were run from hear as part of "Operation Overflight" by late 1957, as well as propaganda leaflet drops on the Lebanon. It has been involved in many recent  conflicts such as both wars in Iraq. Izmir Air Station controls Incirlik Air Base and Çiğli Air Base in the NATO\Turkish chain of command.

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