The deviceEdit

There were reports in the UK tabloid newspapers reported in the mid 1980s that the USSR had tried to copy the Bell Textron Rocket Belt in the early 1970's with little success near Chita and Ulan-Ade, Siberia. It was planned as both a military and outer space transport system.


  1. Bell Textron Rocket Belt
  2. North American X-15
  3. Bell Rocket Belt
  4. Avro Flying Car
  5. Bell Jet Belt
  6. Bell Helly Vector
  7. Bell Pogo
  8. Space Race
  9. Small Rocket Lift Device (SRLD)
  10. RB2000 Rocket Belt
  11. Bell Helli-vector
  12. Bell Helli-jeep
  13. Lockheed X-17
  14. Bell X-1
  15. Jet packs
  16. North American X-15
  17. Hiller Flying Platform

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