Castle Bravo Blast

Nuclear weapon test Bravo (yield 15 Mt) on Bikini Atoll. The test was part of the Operation Castle.

The phenomenaEdit


The mushroom cloud from Buster-Jangle Charlie, yield 14 kilotons (at 143 m • kt −1⁄3), during the initial phase of stem formation. The toroidal fireball is visible at the top, a condensation cloud is forming in the middle due to intense updrafts of moist air, and the forming partial stem can be seen below. The cloud exhibits the reddish-brown hue of nitrogen oxides.

A mushroom cloud is a distinctive post-bast pyrocumulus mushroom-shaped cloud of debris, hot air, gaseous vapour (usually condensed water vapour and usual air components like nitrogen gas) and smoke and resulting from the occurrence of a large explosion. The buoyant mass of gases, vapour and entrapped debris rises rapidly, resulting in turbulent vortices curling downward around its edges, forming a temporary vortex ring that draws up a central column, possibly with smoke, debris, or/and condensed water vapour to form the "mushroom stem" as a skirt and bell form on it. When it cools and reaches a certain hight it will mostly fall back to earth as fall-out.

They are most commonly associated with nuclear explosions and atomic weapons going off on or near the ground, but any sufficiently energetic detonation or deflagration will produce the same sort of effect such as the conventional ATBIP, exploding arms depots, exploding arms ships, rocket flue factories, oil storage refinery tanks, massive gas works explosion and so on...

The intense radiation in the first seconds after an atomic blast, but not a non-nuclear blast, may also cause an observable aura of fluorescence, the blue-violet-purple glow of ionized oxygen and nitrogen out to a significant distance from the fireball, surrounding the head of the forming mushroom cloud. This light is most easily visible at night or under conditions of weak daylight. The brightness of the glow decreases rapidly with elapsed time since the detonation, becoming only barely visible after a few tens of seconds.

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"Castle Bravo" atomic bomb test01:44

"Castle Bravo" atomic bomb test

Sinister... yet so beautiful. This bomb had a 15 megatons power, that's almost 1,000 times stronger then Hiroshima which was 20 kilotons. it took place in 1954 near Marshall Islands. The Deadly Miscalculation at Castle Bravo (HD).

Biggest Nuclear Bomb Ever Hydrogen Gas-143207336800:40

Biggest Nuclear Bomb Ever Hydrogen Gas-1432073368

Biggest Nuclear Bomb Ever Hydrogen Gas.

The Largest Nuclear Bomb Tsar Bomba07:41

The Largest Nuclear Bomb Tsar Bomba

//// The Largest Nuclear Bomb //// Tsar Bomba.

Nuclear Bomb Test Compilation HD09:31

Nuclear Bomb Test Compilation HD

Nuclear Bomb Test Compilation HD.

Huge gas explosion in Bulgaria injures 11 - no comment00:53

Huge gas explosion in Bulgaria injures 11 - no comment

Huge gas explosion in Bulgaria injures 11 - no comment.

ANTARES EXPLODES!!! Panic at the press site! Orbital's rocket blows up01:55

ANTARES EXPLODES!!! Panic at the press site! Orbital's rocket blows up

ANTARES EXPLODES!!! Panic at the press site! Orbital's rocket blows up!

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