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A port quarter view of the Italian frigate ZEFFIRO (F 577) underway (sailing) in 1988.

HMS Somerset (F82)

HMS Somerset at Cape Trafalgar in June of 2005.

USS Leahy DLG-16

USS Leahy departing San Diego, California, in May 1978. She was classified as a guided-missile frigate (DLG-16) until 1975, when she was reclassified as a guided-missile cruiser (CG-16).

Submarine Delta IV class

An aerial starboard bow view of a Russian Navy Northern Fleet DELTA IV class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine underway on the surface, supposedly this is K-18 "Karelia", seen on the 1st of January, 1994.

  1. T3 Tanker
  2. T2 tanker
  3. GIUK gap
  4. Submarines
  5. USS Missouri
  6. NSA Souda Bay
  7. US Naval Station Rota, Spain
  8. Iranian supply ship Kharg
  9. Victory ship
  10. Merchant Ships
  11. Ibrahim el Awal
  12. Operation Behemoth
  13. SOSUS sonar buoy line
  14. Mirna-class patrol boat
  15. Ballistic missile submarines
  16. Exercise FleetEx '83
  17. Camano-class cargo ship
  18. USS Liberty incident
  19. Hunt-class destroyer
  20. ARA San Luis (S-32)
  21. ARA General Belgrano
  22. HMS Hermes (R12)
  23. HMS Invincible (R05)
  24. INS Khukri (F149)
  25. USS Thresher (SSN-593)
  26. USS Bainbridge (CGN-25)
  27. USS Albany (CA-123)
  28. USS Tucumcari (PGH-2)
  29. USS Plainview (AGEH-1)
  30. USS High Point (PCH-1)
  31. USS Flagstaff (PGH-1)
  32. USS Pegasus (PHM-1)
  33. RiverHawk OSV 60
  34. Soviet Battlecruiser Kirov
  35. Espora-class corvette
  36. MEKO 140-class Frigate
  37. João Coutinho-class corvette
  38. The sinking of Soviet submarine K-27
  39. The Soviet Submarine K-19 accident
  40. Estonia did have a submarine in 1937!
  41. Astravahini-class torpedo recovery vessel
  42. The reactor explosion on-board Soviet submarine K-431

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