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Photograph of the Explorer 1.

DFH-1 Satellite

Dong Fang Hong I - Chinese first satellite (1970), Space technology exhibition in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China.

Thor Delta with Ariel 1 (Apr. 26, 1962)

The launch of Ariel 1 on-board of Thor Delta rocket on April 26th, 1962.

  1. Luna 17
  2. Lunokhod 1
  3. Reconnaissance satellite
  4. Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)
  5. Lockheed X-17
  6. Sputnik crisis
  7. The space race
  8. Space Satellites
  9. Manned space travel
  10. The start of American space travel
  11. Project HARP
  12. Space elevators
  13. Skyhook momentum exchange tether
  14. Gravity-gradient stabilization tether
  15. Electrodynamic tether
  16. Momentum exchange tether
  17. Space rockets
  18. Space loops
  19. Skyhook momentum exchange tether
  20. Rotating wheel space station
  21. Luna 16
  22. Sojourner
  23. Mercury-Redstone 1A (MR-1A)
  24. Mercury-Redstone 3, or Freedom 7
  25. Mercury-Redstone BD
  26. Vandenberg Air Force Base
  27. Cape Canaveral
  28. Bykanor Space City
  29. Integrated circuits

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