San Antonio de los Baños Airfield.
Category. Statistic.
Location. Cuba.
Opened in. 1942 as "Cayuga". San Antonio de los Baños Airfield after 1945.
Closed in. Still open.
Operated by. The USAAF 1942-1946 and the Cuban military 1946 to date.
Owned by. American DoD 1942-1946, the Cuban Department of Defence 1946 to 1962 and the Cuban Revolutionary Air Force from 1962 date.
Outside link.
San Antonio de los Baños airfield gate guardian

San Antonio de los Baños airfield gate guardian.

The station was built in 1942 and was first used by American forces on 29 August 1942. The U.S. forces called it "Cayuga". It was named after the construction company hired by the U.S. to build it - the Cayuga construction company is named after the upstate New York Native American tribe by the same name.

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