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Tokamak (scheme)

Tokamak confinement of a nuclear fusion plasma: The twisted magnetic field lines (green) required to confine the high temperature plasma (purple) are created by the currents in a set of planar coils (red) and a current flowing in the conductive plasma itself.

Geiger counter

A "two-piece" bench type Geiger–Müller counter with end-window detector.


An Israeli AN/PRC 77 radio and handset.


Soviet КТ819Г power transistor.

Mullard OC170

A OC170 germanium PNP alloy junction transistor in TO1 metal case. These were a common transistor in the 1960s for RF and IF stages. This package is noted for a fourth 'shield' connection to the case. These transistors are now decades old and most have failed from the formation of internal metal crystalisation known as 'whiskers' that cause short circuits.

  1. Tokamaks
  2. Heidi Krieger/Andreas Krieger
  3. The space race
  4. Reconnaissance satellite
  5. Soviet Ice Breaker Lenin
  6. USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
  7. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
  8. Electromagnetic spectrum
  9. Radar
  10. Radome
  11. Ham
  12. Jet packs
  13. Omega Tower Trelew
  14. OMEGA transmitter Chabrier, Réunion
  15. Omega (navigation system)
  16. How to save your PC during E-warfair
  17. Transistors
  18. Integrated circuits
  19. Flanged power transistor packing unit shell
  20. Heat sink
  21. Ekranoplans
  22. Multi Rolle Radio
  23. Radio
  24. How to save your PC during Cyber-war\E-warfair
  25. Codeine addiction help
  26. Heat sink
  27. Useful metals
  28. Weather modification
  29. Lockheed U-2
  30. Yakovlev Yak-32
  31. Multi Rolle Radio
  32. Radio
  33. Ekranoplans
  34. Geiger-Muller counter
  35. Nukes
  36. Atomic warfare information notes.
  37. Atomic accidents and disasters
  38. Nuclear fallout
  39. Atomic\nuclear war
  40. Bell Textron Rocket Belt
  41. North American X-15
  42. Bell Rocket Belt
  43. Avro Flying Car
  44. Bell Jet Belt
  45. Bell Helli-vector
  46. Bell Helli-jeep
  47. Moor 1969 Jet Pack
  48. Bell Pogo
  49. KGB Chita Jet Belt
  50. Small Rocket Lift Device (SRLD)
  51. RB2000 Rocket Belt
  52. Lockheed X-17
  53. Bell X-1
  54. North American X-15
  55. Flying Bedstead
  56. Rolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig
  57. Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV)
  58. Flying Bedstead
  59. EWR VJ 101
  60. Short SC.1
  61. Saab 29 Tunnan
  62. Operation E.M.I.L.
  63. Hawker Siddeley P.1127/Kestrel
  64. Hawker Siddeley XV-6A Kestrel
  65. Dornier Do 31
  66. EWR VJ 101
  67. Integrated circuits
  68. Vomit Commit
  69. Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV)
  70. Skyhook momentum exchange tether
  71. Space elevators
  72. Gay bomb
  73. Heat sink
  74. Flanged power transistor packing unit shell
  75. Fulton surface-to-air 'sky-hook' recovery system
  76. Thoriated magnesium (AKA- Mag-Thor)

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