The Lenin Prize medal (Russian: Ленинская премия) was  created in 1925 and named after the Bolshevik leader and founder of the USSR, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, alias- "Lenin".

Criteria for issuingEdit

For accomplishments relating to science, literature, arts, architecture, and technology.

A famous recipientEdit

  1. Pyotr Novikov in 1957, on mathematics, for proving the undecidability of the word problem for groups.
  2. Yuri Khabardin in 1957, on sciences for discovering the diamond pipe deposit that would become the awesome Mirny Diamond Mine.
  3. The legendary helicopter designer Mikhail Mil also got it.

Also seeEdit

  1. The Order of Lenin Medal
  2. The Lenin Peace Prize Medal
  3. The Order of the Red Banner Medal
  4. The Order of the Red Star Medal
  5. The Order of the Red Banner of Labour



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