The organisationEdit

The Supreme Soviet (Russian: Верховный Совет, Verkhóvnyj Sovét, English: literally "Supreme Council") was the common name for the legislative bodies (parliaments) of the Soviet socialist republics (SSR) that formed the regional sub-divisions (i.e.: the Kazakh SSR in today's Kazakhstan) across the Soviet Union.

The soviets of the SSRs met infrequently (often only twice a year for only several days) and elected the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet, a permanent body, to act on their behalf while the soviet was not in session.

It consisted of an upper house called the "Soviet of the Union or Council of the Union" whose delegates are elected on the basis of population, and a lower house called the "Soviet of Nationalities" or "Council of Nationalities" whose delegates are elected to represent the various nationalities.



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