The planEdit

XTAR, LLC was founded in 2001 as a commercial communications satellite operator that dealt exclusively in providing services in the 7.25-8.4 GHz, X-band frequency radio transmission range.


It is an American private firm has providing services in the 7.25-8.4 GHz, X-band frequency radio transmission range for diplomatic, humanitarian and emergency disaster response operations.

The satiate fleet's technical features Edit

  • High-powered 72 MHz transponders.
  • 4 GB of X-band capacity.
  • Coverage from Denver east to Singapore.
  • Stackable fixed and steerable radio 'spot' location beams.
  • A dual polarization system.
  • On-board switching enabled.
  • Compatible with existing X-band terminals.
  • 4 degree spread spectrum system.
  • Non-premptible service.
  • Caribou encrypted command and control links.
  • 5 satellites, 4 rented and 1 owned out right

Corporate statusEdit

The XTAR fleet uses the hosted payload model. It is run by Loral Space & Communications of New York. Loral Space & Communications Inc., and the Public Pension Investment Board of Canada bought Telesat from BCE Inc. in October 31, 2007, for CAD $3.25 billion; with Loral owning 64 percent of Telesat. it was merged with Loral Skynet and was spun off as a separate subsidiary firm.

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